Bamboo & Sisal Pot Scrubber

  • Bamboo & Sisal Pot Scrubber
  • Bamboo & Sisal Pot Scrubber

This hand held dream is perfect for those grimy, greasy pots and pans. With its thick vegetable fiber bristles, you can get those caked on messes without worry of scratching your cook wear!

Not only that, these little babies can be used anywhere you need a little extra detail cleaning. Think window tracks, tile grout and even spot cleaning thick fabrics like carpet or upholstery on couches and chairs.

Another perfect little cleaning swap that you can make for a more sustainable lifestyle!

Bamboo and sisal

End of Life:
Once your scrubby gets to the end of its years, remove the bristles and add them to your compost bin. Repurpose the handle and use for crafts and projects, or add to any would collecting services or leave in your garden to break down naturally.